Maurizio Ravera

Photographer and video-maker in love with his own land. He conceived, founded and created Gavi Wine Land, with the intention of creating a valuable resource that would consistently contribute to the promotion of the activities of our territory.

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Marco Piccinini

Founder together with Alessandra Dall'Antonia of somstudio Srl, web communication agency since 2007 in Tortona. He deals with Growth Hacking, Visibility and digital marketing.



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Igor Riccelli

Ril Productions is a dynamic and innovative video production company based in Milan. Our creative and professional team is able to follow all stages of production, from concept design to its final realization.



Enrico Vecchione



Amateur walker and photographer, landscape and naturalist.



Lorenzo Bruni



Mechanical engineering student with a passion for photography.

Maria Pia Gori

A passion: the world of wine,

to welcome you to this land where the Cortese grape is at its best. Sommelier and FISAR delegate of the Alessandria province.

Davide Ferraris

Graduated in art history at the University of Genoa. Curiosity and interest in our rich cultural heritage led him to publish articles in various magazines and to support the enhancement and promotion of the cultural heritage of the area.

This portal is born from the desire to enhance our territory, and to give space to the beauty of this land, from which arise products of Italian wine and gastronomy excellence”.

We spread and present the work of those who live and take care of these lands: the producers and the services present on these streets, that cross a very diverse territory between the regions of Liguria and Piemonte, where plains, sweet hills and the most rugged Apennines are mixed.

We are proposing to select and promote worldwide the history and culture of the territory of Gavi illustrating our best productions, the events and tourists activities here present to ease their enjoyment by an International public.

It is our intent to put in direct touch the users of this portal with all the beauties of our “Made in Gavi”:the producers of the famous “Gavi DOCG”, the other excellent wine and gastronomy’s products ,the tourist attractions and the services dedicated to the discovery of the area on site.

You can choose to get close to our land remotely, by buying several on-line products or you can live at first-hand the territory through the contact with the best reception facilities and your direct presence to discover all the local wonders: starting from wine and food tasting tours in many agricultural holdings, historical and artistic tours, and coming to the discovery of the culture of the rural life of the territory and in the end , the natural loveliness of the Park “Capanne di Marcarolo” with its rivers, its peaks and the stunning flora and fauna of a unique land at the border with sky, sea, hills, valleys, mounts, villages and cities.

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