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  • Binè Wine

    Binè is a family company, the two owners Luciano and Michelangelo Ghio are joined by Luciano's wife, Rosy Carlevaro, and their sons Lorenzo, responsible for the eleven hectares of vineyards, and Niccolò who is in charge of winemaking and sales.
    Binè produces Gavi DOCG and Barbera and is an integrated company in the territory as it offers visits and private tastings combined with experiential tourist activities.

  • Broglia-LOGO.jpg

    La Meirana is today the largest unified property of the territory with 65 hectares of vineyards, it was purchased in 1972 by

    Gr.Uff. Bruno Broglia, textile entrepreneur, from Count Edilio Raggio. Since the beginning, the Broglia farm has had an eye for innovation in the vineyard and in the cellar.

  • Castello-di-tassarolo-Logo.jpg

    The wine produced by biodynamic agriculture  is the result of the respectful collaboration between the man and the land. It brings health to the body as every product deriving from this farming method. This is very important for the company: to bring to the consumers all the benefits of a land cultivated with love and religious respect.

  • Cinzia-Bergaglio.jpg

    Our family has been making wine for several years, combining the most environmentally and environmentally friendly processing using low-impact products combined with modern technologies.
    The stones are the symbol of our vineyards. Their constant and unstoppable presence characterizes our soil workings and our wine.

  • Logo-Fontanassa.jpg

    The company is located in Rovereto di Gavi in the heart of the historical area of Gavi D.O.C.G. of the Municipality of Gavi. The first bottles were produced in 1988 when Marco and Roberto Gemme began to administer the company with the collaboration of the Gaspare Buscemi.

  • La-Giustiniana-LOGO.jpg

    The origins of this wonderful company located in the territory of Rovereto di Gavi, on the Piedmontese foothills of the Apennines are very old: in some documents of the Republic of Genoa there is mention of a Benedictine settlement on the hills overlooking the river Lemme.

  • Magda-pedrini-Gav.jpg

    The Azienda Agricola Magda Pedrini is located in Cà da Meo, in the heart of the Gavi DOCG lands, where the Cortese vine gives birth to this elegant and prestigious white wine.

  • Marchese-Luca-Spinola-LOGO.jpg

    A centuries-old knowledge of the territory, an enviable geographical position, made in Italy "know-how" and the dream of approaching nature.

    Andrea Spinola tells us about his passion.

  • Marchese-Raggio-Gavi.jpg

    At La Lomellina di Gavi Marchese Raggio, vines have been grown for more than 200 years according to the customs of Piemonte’s long winemaking tradition.

    Today, our vineyards still include the same parcels of land originally identified for viticulture by the estate’s founders.
    However, the vineyards were reorganized in the 2000s, and their extent was increased to cover a total area of 16 contiguous hectares.

  • La-bollina-Gavi-1.jpg

    Located within the historic territorial area dedicated to the production of Gavi DOCG, Tenuta La Bollina, for centuries the residence of the Marquis Figari of Genoa, covers 120 hectares in a landscape of gentle slopes, selected vineyards and chestnut woods.

  • La-Smilla-Gavi.jpg

    For La Smilla, producing wine means seeing its product reborn in a new way every year. Imagination, ingenuity, enhancement of the peculiarities of each year and an ongoing commitment to improve: all the wines of La Smilla are the result of these values.

  • La-Caplana-LOGO.jpg

    The Guido family deals with the cultivation of vines and the production of wine since the last century. Today consolidating the family tradition with studies in agriculture and oenology, we have been able to bring together the experience of modern winery processing techniques: soft pressing, refrigeration and cryomaceration.

  • la-cedraia-winery.jpg

    La Cedraia winery extends over the gentle hills between Novi Ligure and Gavi.
    Our vineyard receives full solar radiation throughout the day and dry breezes blowing from over the Apennines. These guarantee complete ripening of the grapes giving their distinctive flavor and taste.
    We produce a pleasant and fresh Gavi DOCG of good quality, in full respect of its environmental sustainability.

  • La-Chiara-LoGO.jpg

    I Bergaglio: a family that has always been inextricably linked to the territory of Gavi and to the winemaking tradition. For three generations this surname is synonymous with quality, experience and harmony. La Chiara Farm, born a few kilometers from the center of Gavi, on the hills of the Ligurian preappennino, by the will of Ferdinando Bergaglio, born in 1912 from a peasant family.

  • La-Ghibellina-Gavi.jpg

    Located in Monterotondo, part of the Municipality of Gavi (Piedmont) and one of the most suitable areas for the production of Cortese di Gavi DOCG, the company covers an area of about 20 hectares, in a beautiful hilly setting between the southern part of the Po Valley and the Ligurian Apennines.

  • La-Mesma-LOGO.jpg

    Gavi, only this we do.

    Twenty-five hectares cultivated in Cortese, of which fifteen in Monterotondo, in the heart of the Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin of Gavi and ten in the municipality of Tassarolo.

    We are a certified organic company. At Mesma we think that a healthy and ripe grape is the foundation of a good wine and that this should not be in contradiction with the attention to the environment.

  • La-Raia-LOGO.jpg

    A balanced and harmonious place in all its components. La Raia is a Demeter certified biodynamic farm. It is located in the heart of the Piedmontese hills of the Gavi, in an area of ancient winemaking tradition thanks to a unique microclimate that allows the ripening of the grapes and the production of red and white biodynamic wines.

  • La-Zerba-LOGO.jpg

    The Zerba winery is located in the heart of the hilly area surrounding the picturesque GAVI hills.

    Its vineyards extend over an area of 12 hectares, creating a big complex all around the holding.

    Our wines reflect the territory of the area surrounding Tassarolo,giving to the consumer a mix of large structures, important minerals, intense and fruity aromas, acidic and sapid components in perfect harmony.

  • Produttori-del-gavi-LOGO.jpg

    In 1951 the first members joined together to enstablish a winemaking cooperative,which has, since 1974 the name "Cantina Produttori del Gavi". Today we are 95 members, distributed throughout the territory of the Gavi DOCG in order to create various wines depending on the area in which our vineyards are located.

  • Il-Poggio-di-Gavi.jpg

    On the hill of Rovereto in Gavi, immersed in a green and luxuriant countryside, in the heart of the Gavi D.O.C.G. there is the Il Poggio farm, which continues a tradition handed down from mother to daughter that continues today with passion and care for the preservation of those characteristics of uniqueness and typicality that distinguish the Gavi area. The vineyards have a South South-West exposure at a height of 330 m. above sea level. where the soil rich in sand and clay gives the wine unique characteristics.

  • Il_Rocchin.jpg

    The estate extends on the whole on 100 ha of which 44 are planted with wine. It was born firstly as cattlefarming and milk production together with the running of the existing vineyards and the setting of new ones, while the first bottling line dates back to 1992.

  • Vigne-di-San-Bernardo-logo.jpg

    The ancient San Bernardo estate stands, with its modern cellar, in the heart of the most distinguished lands in the rural district of Gavi, in a natural ten hectares amphitheatre. Here, the top quality grapes are carefully processed, originating valued and unmistakable wines.

  • Tenuta-San-Pietro-LOGO.jpg

    Tenuta San Pietro is a historic winery of the GAVI DOCG and it is a  certified organic wine production area. It is located on the rolling hills of the Municipality of Tassarolo and covers a total area of 65 hectares of which 35 are planted with vines.

  • Villa-Sparina.jpg

    Villa Sparina comprises 100 hectares of land, 70 of which are cultivated with local grapes for the production of Gavi and Barbera wines. And, if it is true that all great wines are made essentially in the vineyard, ours grow on perfect ground, with an excellent position and mild climate. These three factors favour the natural production of great wines.

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